Everyone is born with the love for pets and animals, but rare are those who pursue their love and make out of it a descent business or join the vet club. Knowing that, DjejTech Bio Digital Farming Network consists of home based farmers who are able to raise chicken, ducks, quail, pheasant or even turkey in their home backyard or on their rooftops.

Joining DjejTech Bio Digital Farming Network, people have to decide about several factors:

  • What do they want to raise?
  • How much space do they have?
  • How many birds do they consider raising?
  • Are they looking to make a home based supporting business out of it?
  • How much time can they spare per day to take care of their little farm?
  • And many other questions???

With DjejTech Bio Digital Farming Network, self-Employment got a new definition, where each home based farmer and with the support of our qualified team can kick off his farming business from his own backyard or rooftop; and not only this, DjejTech shall support him with all the necessary training, advisory, care taking and the most important selling his products to consumer either online or through retail outlets.

Self-Employment Got a new definition

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