Hybrid Farmer

Tens of thousands of square meters of home backyards and roof tops are being left nonproductive, in very fertile areas within Lebanon, while thousands of men and woman are unemployed, knowing that, there are many ways to support these people and turn them into a working force at a very low cost.

At DjejTech we have created the Hybrid Farmer Program (HFP) which gives any person or entity who has interest into this program the ability to change jobless people into a working force.

The idea of the Hybrid Farmer Program (HFP) consists of investing into the poultry business through DjejTech and get the investment grow under the supervision of a professional team of Vets while giving support to jobless working force.

Becoming a DjejTech Hybrid Farmer can be done with very low investment amounts and with a monthly return on investment that can go up to 15%. Also, investors can monitor the growth of their business through DjejTech.com investors access portal.

The Flexibility to grow

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